Products of Metrasat

Products of Metrasat



Communication services using satellite where the frequency channels are used together with a TDM (Time Division Multiplex)/TDM Access (TDMA) technology - based on Internet Protocol (IP).


Topology of VSAT IP system that can be either a star or mesh with one HUB system and some remote in location. VSAT IP HUB is communicate with remote location using the TDM channel, while the remote location sending data to VSAT IP HUB using TDMA channel.


VSAT IP Applications:

Transactional and Interactive

-          Online Interbank

-          Hotel Reservations / tickets

-          ATM (Automated Teller Mechine)

Small data traffic:

-          Application of Remote terminal / terminal emulation with centralized database

-          Data entry

-          Inventory control

-          Payment point

Internet Access:

-          Web surfing, Email and Instant messaging

-          File Transfer Protocol (FTP)