Metrasat News

21 Juni 2018, 16:38

Siaga RAFI (Ramadhan and Idul Fitri Day’s) 2018 post activity Metrasat has been officially closed

Bogor - Thursday 21st June 2018, the activities of RAFI Alert Command (Ramadan and Eid) 2018 has been officially closed. The closing of the RAFI Standby Post begins at 09.00, and is followed by Telkom Regional and all subsidiaries of Telkom Group.

The closing of the RAFI Standby 2018 organized by Metrasat took place at the office Metrasat NOC (Network Operation Center) Bogor located on Jl. KH. Sholeh Iskandar Kayumanis, Tanah Sareal, Bogor Takes place through video conference, with Telkom Regional and subsidiaries of Telkom Group. Post closing activity begins with greetings, followed by reading reports during posts, and ending with evaluation by CTO Telkom Group and senior leader of Telkom Group.

According to representatives of Metrasat, Mr. Nur Pratomo said "Achievement of Postage Alert RAFI 2018 for progress to achieve excellent service, link status of SMPCS backup service (Sulawesi Maluku Papua Cable System) runs normally  Ready For Load status Traffic. "Metrasat has secured the VSAT IP (Very Small Aperture Terminal) load service, load M2M (Machine to Machine) and SCPC (Single Channel Per Carrier) links remain excellent. Overall network conditions operate normally, with ticket status in accordance with the benchmark. " Add Mr. Nur Pratomo presented his report.

Excellent service given Metrasat, of course to keep commitment to consumers to stay fulfilled the telecommunication service needs. Its service not only was held during Ramadan and Eid, but it was also held at Christmas and New Year.