Metrasat News

04 Juni 2018, 14:54

Metrasat Reach Top 3 Best Telkom Innovation 2018

Bogor - As judged by the jury team at 'Telkom Innovation Festival 2018 ', Metrasat succeeded in entering the top 3 nominations of Telkom Innovation Festival 2018 under Digitizing Enterprize category. Previously, Metrasat has passed BOD-1 (Board of Directory Minus One) judgment at Telkom Corporate University Bandung and got satisfactory results.

The team consisted of 5 people, namely Mr. Nugroho Wibisono, Mr. Asrafin Danang, Mr. Ahmad Fatoni Subiyanto, Mr. Akbar and Mrs. Ayu Wulandari successfully presented presentations in front of the jury, bringing the innovations in Metrasat namely SIAPBRO (Customer Information System Information System BROadband).

According to SIAPBRO author, Ibu Ayu Wulandari said, "We hope that this SIAPBRO application can win this year's Telkom Innovation Festival and certainly can inspire all of Metrasat's friends to keep working. So, in the following years Metrasat can come back to Telkom Innovation Festival. "

Currently, Metrasat is still waiting for the information in the final stages of the competition, by presenting to BOD (Board of Directory) or PT Telkom's board of directors, to win the first title in the 2018 Telkom Group Innovation Festival.