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08 Juni 2018, 13:55

Kick Off Siaga RAFI 2018 Metrasat

Bogor- In order to maintain the service to stay stable during Eid 1439H, Metrasat organized 'Posko Siaga RAFI' along Telkom Regional Company and a subsidiary of Telkom Group. Post activities organized by this Metrasat, took place on May 17 until June 21, 2018, took place at Metrasat NOC Bogor Jl. Soleh Iskandar, Kayu Manis, Tanah Sareal, Bogor.

Coinciding today Friday June 8, 2018, following the opening ceremony Metrasat Kick Off Posko Siaga RAFI, using media Video Converence and followed by the Telkom Company and its subsidiaries Regional Telkom.

According to the Chairman of the Post Alert RAFI Metrasat, Mr. Tubagus Dawn said Metrasat Currently has prepared 339 personnel distributed in 58 cities across Indonesia, and 89 operational personnel Metrasat ready to serve 24 hours.

With exposure to the above, Metrasat already prepared for the Posko Siaga RAFI. Thus, the Metrasat customers need not worry about disruptions during Eid.