Metrasat News

03 Oktober 2018, 10:01

Metrasat gives a lot of Effort to Restore Telecommunications in Palu

Palu - Friday, September 28, 2018, earthquake measuring 7.4 on the Scale Richter (SR), which was followed by a tsunami hit the city of Palu, Central Sulawesi. The quake devastated the building and paralyze various public facilities in the center of the city of Palu, one of which is a telecommunications service.


Based on data from the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (Komimfo) on Sunday (30/9), there are 1,678 of the total 4,193 base stations (BTS) were not functioning because of constrained electricity supply. Meanwhile, backup battery power has run out and can not support the operational needs of the BTS.


BTS is not functioning are spread across nine regions, including in Poso District, Banggai, Tolitoli, Donggala and Pargi Mountong Regencies. The highest number is in the city of Palu as many as 1,167 BTS does not work.


Currently Metrasat has activated a satellite communication system to carry out telecommunications service recovery in the nine regions. Satellite News Gathering (SNG) from Makassar to Palu, Metrasat hopes that its steps can help communication in the Palu.


According to Yunus, one of Metrasat volunteers said that "Currently SNG has arrived in Palu City and currently we are also following up on telecommunications installations at some point."


Accelerate the recovery of the telecommunications services to facilitate the coordination of government as well as the entire field officer who is currently the focus to evacuate the communities affected by the disaster.