Metrasat News

21 Maret 2018, 16:23

The inauguration of 4G BTS in Tolo oi Village of Sumbawa Regency

Sumbawa - Minister of Communication and Informatics Rudiantara inaugurated 4G Telecommunication Tower or Base Tranciever Station (BTS) in Tolo'oi Village Tarano Sub-district, Sumbawa Regency, West Nusa Tenggara On Saturday (17/03/2018).

The 4G BTS is a government program to reduce the gap in telecommunication access in remote areas. This was confirmed by Minister Rudiantara in accordance with the vision of Nawacita, central government number three which prioritizes development in the periphery. Kominfo through BP3TI and cooperation with a number of corporations engaged by Kominfo to be responsible for providing internet access and electricity in the village, and metrasat itself become it’s satellite transmission provider.

In addition to Menkominfo Mr. Rudiantara, Member of Commission 1 of the House Representatives Syafrudin ST and Sumbawa Vice Regent H.Mahmud Abdullah also participated in the innaguration. They expressed their gratitude for the attention of the central government to build a cellular network facility in Tolo'oi Village. Development in the Sumbawa region especially in the field of communications, making remote areas in this area can be equivalent to other more advanced areas.

To test the 4G signal telecommunication service, this video conference was held between Communication Minister Rudiantara and Finance Minister Sri Mulyani in Jakarta. In the video conference he conveyed to Mrs. Sri Mulyani about the lack of financial facilities (banking) in the village. Then, the handover of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibilty) assistance in the form of 4G mobile phone distribution to local residents was also done symbolically at the inauguration ceremony.

At the end of the event, Minister of Communications and Informatics advised that the constructed facility should be used positively and he hoped that the construction of BTS could facilitate the public in accessing information and able to promote their products quickly.