Metrasat News

07 Mei 2018, 16:03

Metrasat to be Nominated as The Best Telkom Innovation 2018

Bogor - Metrasat as a provider of communication network services using broadband satellite VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal), participated in the Telkom Group 2018 Innovation Festival by PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia (Telkom). The competition consists of four stages, starting from the stage of selection of papers, serve visits, BOD-1  (Board of Directors minus one) and the last stage is to do the presentation in front of the directors of Telkom.

The festival is regularly held every year and is followed from all Telkom Group and a subsidiary of Telkom. Currently Metrasat has reached the stage serve organized visit May 3, 2018, held at the Office Metrasat In Jl. KH. Sholeh Iskandar, Kayumanis, Tanah Sareal, Bogor. This stage the team Metrasat into 24 nominations Telkom best innovations in 2018.

The team consists of five people consisting of Mr. Nugroho Wibisono, Mr. Asrafin Danang, Mr. Ahmad Fatoni Subiyanto, Mr. Akbar and Mrs. Ayu Wulandari bring innovation named SIAPBRO.

One team Metrasat, Mr. Asrafin Danang We met on Friday (4/5) said SIAPBRO created this application is to make as easy as internet service satellite as mobile services, especially in the top up.

To further serve Metrasat awaiting the results of the visit will be announced on 17 May. If passed the stage Serve Visit, Metrasat will be entered into the stage of BOD-1 which will be held in Bandung.