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03 Oktober 2018, 09:10

Metrasat Distributes Educational Foundation Miftahul Ulum

Cirebon - To support education, Metrasat distribute its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) education to the Foundation Miftahul Ulum as a manager Sekar Kemuning SMK Telkom, which is located at Jalan Sekar Kemuning No.36, Karyamulya, Kesambi, Cirebon, West Java, on Friday (14 / 9).


Metrasat, a company that provides satellite-based networks and Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) services, provided assistance to the Miftahul Ulum Foundation in the form of a VSAT device consisting of an electronic set of HN9460, a set of Antennas 0.97 meters and one unit of WiFi devices.


According to the organizer CSR, Rifky Fajar Anggara, said that "The CSR Program to help the learning process students Miftahul Ulum Foundation regarding the VSAT"


The knowledge of VSAT was first performed by a Metrasat technician named Kukuh Khrismanto to the ICT Teachers who would later be reiterated to all students of the Miftahul Ulum Foundation. 


Material is first given to ICT Teachers who will be taught back to their students. So, the antenna installation process will be carried out together between students and ICT Teachers, " Rifky said.


At the same time, Kukuh admitted that he was happy with the antiterism of the teacher of the Miftahul Ulum Foundation. "They turned out to really follow the material and training. Enthusiastically. This shows the teachers at the Miftahul Ulum Foundation are more advanced to meet the future."


Kukuh has also appealed to the whole society to participate more attention to the care and education facilities, in order to create the next generation are smarter.


"We hope all parties will participate. the quality of education is more conducive to supporting the nation's next generation" he said.


The process of delivering VSAT devices was carried out in front of the Foundation's yard and witnessed directly by Mr. Wasuri as chairman of the Foundation. He also thanked and welcomed the activities initiated by Metrasat.