Metrasat News

17 Januari 2019, 16:36

Metrasat Sharing Knowledge in Sinar Indonesia School

Bogor - Metrasat held a program "Metrasat Sharing Knowladge" on Friday 21 September 2018. This activity is a corporate social responsibility or corporate social responsibility (CSR). 


This program was implemented in one of the special needs schools around the Metrasat operational office. Sinar Indonesia School was chosen because it is a school located in the vicinity of the Metrasat Operational Office. The program was attended by more than 100 students and was carried out to provide motivation for students to be more active in learning and to have a spirit.


Besides motivating, Metrasat also shares knowledge about satellites and satellite functions in Indonesia. "Introducing satellites for children" This is because it can foster the curiosity of students who must continue to be developed by providing information that satellite knowledge.


In this activity interspersed with door prizes for students who can answer questions asked by Mr. Buchori. The students were very enthusiastic in participating in this activity, because they could increase their knowledge about satellites and there were prizes if they actively responded. It is hoped that this activity will become a routine CSR activity and extended to other schools.