Metrasat News

25 September 2018, 16:01

Merah Putih Satellite Handover

Klapanunggal, Bogor- After a long process, starting from the manufacturing process, grounding testing, launch, orbit raising and in orbit Testing, Merah Putih Satellite finally have reached the end of the handover process or the Final Acceptance. This process is a process of handover of the satellite from the SSL (Space Systems / Loral) to the PT Telkom Satellite Indonesia (Telkomsat).


According Metrasat representatives who participated in the Merah Putih Satellite Handover, Mr. Nur Pratomo, confirming that he participated in the handover ceremony, "Yes, on Friday (14/9) I and Mr. Tri Suharyono attended the handover satellite of the SSL to the master control station Telkomsat in Telkom, Klapanunggal, Bogor ".


Besides Metrasat, also attended the handover Merah Putih Satellite Board Of Commissioner (BOC) TelkomGroup, Board Of Directors (BOD) TelkomGroup, TelkomGroup Senior Leaders, SSL, Telesat, and Jasindo.


The theme is "Energy Red and White" Merah Putih Satellite is able to support the ideals of the Indonesian people to the land of the technology and innovate to provide the best in this digital.


The satellite is a milestone point of a long journey in which the initial operational satellite business. Telkomsat expected to give new energy to Telkom and Indonesia an effort to strengthen the telecommunications infrastructure to expand public information.