Corporate Social Responsibility

Diterbitkan pada : 22 Juni 2016, 12:41

Annual Gathering Metrasat of Iftaar 1437 H

Bogor, 20 June 2016. On the 16th day of Ramadhan 1437, Metrasat held an iftaar at the Office of Metrasat Bogor. The event was attended by the employees of the Metrasat along with some senior leader Metrasat and Telkom DWS.

Opening the show is filled with opening remarks by Mr. Joko Sarwono as GM Service Delivery and Mr. Tri Nugroho as GM Wholesale 3 Telkom DWS. Amid the event, Metrasat also contributed funds to the community around the Metrasat Office.

Some CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities Metrasat did not escape being a part of this event. To the end of this event, there is a tausiah by Ustadz Dr. Ahmad Alim with the theme "Internalization of The Tawakkal Value in The Work".

The existence of this event it is expected that the future employees of Metrasat be more excited in work.