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Diterbitkan pada : 23 Oktober 2014, 11:05

A Feast of Qurban 1435 H

Hajj season and Qurban day is the feast awaited by Muslims around the world, for a special day which is owned Muslims after Eid. Pada hari idul adha, slaughtering Qurban is characteristic of worship in this great day. Muslims is emphasized to carry out the sacrifice , especially those who are able. In addition to the goal of worship to Allah SWT, the meat produced could also be helpful to share with people around who are entitled.

Right on the feast of Eid al-Adha 1435 H which falls on 5 October 2014. Metrasat participated by slaughtering two cows weighing six quintals per - tail and do not forget the sacrificial qurban other than employers. Alhamdulillah, Sacrificial meat obtained has spread to approximately 450 families living around Bogor operational offices Metrasat.

This is the second year metrasat slaughter of Qurban held in Bogor operational offices. And will be an agenda to be held on every years. Hopefully, with the passage of this positive activity metrasat be better able to take part in the widespread community.

-Happy Qurban-