Corporate Social Responsibility

Diterbitkan pada : 12 Mei 2014, 10:21

Metrasat with Antang Sanjaya orphanage

Bogor (24/7) The month of Ramadan indeed full month with an abundance of reward. Even the reward of every deed will be multiplied in Ramadan. As stated previously the scholars as teachers of Abu Bakr ibn Maryam rahimahumullah who said, If arriving Ramadan, take heart for charity. Because the charity in the month over doubled the reward like someone strive in the way of Allah (FII sabilillah) With that we are excited to invite friends of orphans around the office area to achieve operational metrasat reward doubled.

Metrasat held an iftar with orphans on Thursday 24 July, yesterday at the operational office of Bogor. The event was attended by colleagues Telkom DES, and MD Metrasat accompanied Mr Bogi Witjaksono All GM Metrasat and metrasat employees.

The event was opened by giving gifts and memories to Telkom DES and friends Guna Foundation Universe. Then covered with a pray and eat together.