Corporate Social Responsibility

Diterbitkan pada : 25 Juni 2018, 15:58

Metrasat Organizes Corporate Social Responsibility Activities with 300 Orphans

Bogor - In the spirit of the Ramadan, Metrasat with Majlis Taklim As-Sulaiman Council conducted of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities.


The program is one form of concern Metrasat to orphans around Bogor NOC Metrasat Office.


The theme is "Ramadhan Berbagi", Metrasat and the Majelis Taklim As-Sulayman managed to sympathize 300 orphans in six different foundation in Bogor.


Some of the activities carried out include sharing 100 parcels. Help six successful foundation Yayasan Guna Semesta (Bubulak), Yayasan Yatim (Atang Sanjaya), Yayasan Yatim (Cimanggu Wates), Yayasan Yatim (Cilebut) and Yayasan Umar Bin Khattab Hidayatullah (Salabenda).


According to Mr. Wendy, one of board the Majelis Taklim As-Sulaiman, the CSR event is a routine activity held annually Metrasat, seconded by the board anyway Taklim Majlis As-Sulaiman.


"This event was a success thanks to Metrasat CSR programs, including the provision of additional employees infaq and alms during Ramadan," said Wendy.


In addition to sympathize 300 orphans, a series of other complementary activities undertaken during the CSR program Metrasat ie tarawih prayer followed iftar together at Yayasan Umar Hidayatullah Salabenda.


"In the CSR program Metrasat on 10 June 2018, a number of students who participated to follow the activities of 200 students are orphans," said Wendy.