Corporate Social Responsibility

Diterbitkan pada : 21 Maret 2018, 14:33

Fun Bike Brisk Walk and Director CFU Enterprise Meeting Event

Gelora Bung Karno, Senayan, Jakarta- Event Fun Bike and Brisk Walk CFUE is held on Monday at 5 in the morning at GBK (19/3). The activities that held in order to socialize sports within the environment of Telkom subsidiaries especially the Telkom CFUE is followed by CEOs, BOD, Senior Leader and Gen Y CFU Enterprise.

Participants from the fun bike take the outside route GBK along 60 kilometers, while for the brisk walkers take along 4 kilometers on the route in the GBK. Fun Walk and Brisk Walk activities run smoothly and received good appreciation from the Senior Leader CFUE.

After the Fun Bike and Brisk Walk activities finish at 12 in the noon, Mr. Bogi Witcaksono as Managing Director of Metrasat delivered his welcoming speech and continued by Mr. Dian Rachmawan as CEO of CFUE to deliver the briefing. Then the participants are welcome to clean themselves, breakfast, and medical check-up after the photo session.

In addition to the fun bike and brisk walk, the CFUE Director Meeting which is the main activity of the event is conducted at the end of the series of events. Business Performance, marketing event, KL Signing, new talent classification and PreSijab become Agenda of the meeting CFUE this time.