Corporate Social Responsibility

Diterbitkan pada : 21 Desember 2017, 09:11

Metrasat Share Donations to The Awam Bina Amal Sejati (ABAS) Foundation In Filling Out the Moment Of Christmas And New Year

Bogor – in order to fill up the moment of Christmas and the end of the year as well as a form of social service to the community, through the Metrasat program of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) will provide aid donations in the form of foodstuffs, hygiene tools and decent clothes to wear to the Catholic Orphanage that is ABAS (Awam Bina Amal Sejati) Foundation which is located at Melati street, parung, village Tonjong. (20/12)

The foundation have been standing since 23 years ago, maintained by Mother Rosa. Mother Rosa receive direct donations given by Mr. Roland as the representatives of the parties Metrasat. Many thanks came from the Orphanage especially from Mother Rosa expressed to the Metrasat donation given. She wished that the donation can be beneficial to 48 childrens in the orphanage and also the seniors in nursing homes.