Corporate Social Responsibility

Diterbitkan pada : 14 Juni 2017, 13:26

Charity Activity Metrasat With Orphans and The Dhuafa

Bogor - On Friday, June 09, 2017 Majelis of Ta'lim As Sulaiman Al Hakiim has been doing charity activities with the orphans. This charity event was held with Riel Arrahmah Foundation in Ciomas, and give 30 boxes of food and 30 fruit juice drinks to the all orphants in Riel Ar-Rahmah Foundation.


Chairman of the Majelis Ta'lim As Sulaiman Al Hakiim, Reza Dynasty said that "This activity is our concern for orphans, who they should we help, so they remain in the spirit of fasting in this month of Ramadhan. I hope may be a blessing for all of us”


This fast-breaking activity is an schedule held annually by Majelis Ta'lim As Sulaiman Al Hakiim. In the event, in addition to breaking the fast also by giving donation to orphans who carried out after breaking the fast.


According to the manager of the Riel Ar-Rahmah Foundation, Ustadz Fatria is grateful for the implementation of this social baksti "Alhamdulillah I personally say thank you to the Majelis Ta'lim As Sulaiman Al Hakiim, we are very happy with this social activity activity and we feel very helpful, Assembly Ta'lim As Sulaiman Al Hakiim is rewarded as much as possible by Allah SWT and always in protection by Allah SWT and facilitated his sustenance. Only God can repay all the goodness of people in this world. "