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21 Juli 2017, 15:57

Metrasat Achieves Nominator Best Innovation "Festival Innovation 2017" Telkom Indonesia

Bogor - On Thursday, July 6, 2017, in accordance with the results of a review of the jury team "Festival Innovation 2017" Telkom Group, Metrasat made it into the top 3 best innovation nominees in 2017 Festival Telkom Group beat 323 other participants. The competition, which was held on Thursday, June 15, 2017 at Telkom Landmark Tower, Jakarta with a judging at the final stage of the competition by giving a presentation to BOD (Board of Directory) or director of PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia (Telkom) gives a very satisfactory result, Because Metrasat is qualified to enter into the top 3 best innovation nominees of "Telkom Group 2017 Innovation Festival".

According to the VSAT IP & Datacom I Manager, Mr. Nugroho Wibisono said "Alhamdulillah Metrasat is in the top 3 nominees in the 2017 Telkom Innovation Festival competition, because of the many fights we have made to enter and participate in the finals by defeating the many finalists who participated in this competition. The title of the paper that we created is the Transformation Towards Integrated HTS (High Throughput Satellite) Service which is the result of innovation from Metrasat which is in synergy with Telkom Group and Thaicom Satellite partner.” He said.

The team consisting of 5 members of Mr. Nugroho Wibisono as the team leader, Mr. Ahmad Fatoni Subiyanto from Directorate of E Bis of PT Telkom, Mr. Achmad Fadilah, Mr. Socfin Butar Butar and Mrs. Ayu Nur Wulandari brought the latest technology innovation in Metrasat that is HTS technology (High Throughput Satellite), among others VSAT IP Ku-Band Base Broadband Quota, Asymmetric Backup SMPCS (Sulawesi Maluku Papua Cable System), VSAT IP Ku-Virtual Network Opertaor Ku-BAND. This technology is the result of Metrasat innovation with the use of technology of HTS (High Throughput Satellite) the only satellite in Indonesia by partnering with provider of HTS satellite partners in Asia which coverage up to Indonesia.

"The success of Metrasat up to this stage is a good step that spur other employees to move forward to work and dare to compete at the level of Telkom Group nationally and internationally" He added.

According to AVP Business Development Metrasat as well as mentor, Mr. Irsyad said, For employees of Metrasat who have knowledge, competence, expertise and experience can contribute like this team is to share knowledge and experience in writing or sharing session by following innovation festival. Many innovations from Metrasat that have been used by customers, but not written in the form. The demand for innovation continues to move in a new direction sustainably so as to provide benefits for the company to stay and continue to grow.