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02 Agustus 2017, 13:20

Board of Comissioner PT Telkom, Tbk Visit Metrasat and Patrakom Office

Bogor - Wednesday July, 26 2017

Wednesday 26 July 2017 Board of commissioner (BOC) PT. Telkom namely Mr. Rinaldi Firmansyah, Mrs Devy W. Suradji, Mr. Cahyana Ahmadjayadi, Mr. Margiyono Darsasumarja, Mrs. Pamiyati Pamela Johanna Waluyo visit to NOC Metrasat and Patrakom located in Bogor area and received directly by the President Director of TelkomMetra Mr. Otong Iip and Managing Director of Metrasat Mr. Bogi Witjaksono along with the Board of Director Patrakom and Vice President of Metrasat

The purpose of this visit is to control Metrasat and Patrakom as a subsidiary of Telkom. The visit with the theme "team work makes the dream works" is a manifestation that Metrasat and Patrakom as part of the Telkom group have a very extraordinary role to the business development of PT Telkom. Metrasat and Patrakom are very enthusiastic to receive this visit, as this can result in an evaluation of our work assessment of other internal parties, and all we do is for the progress of the company from Metrasat, Patrakom and also to Telkom.